BIGBANG studio

BIGBANG studio is the 4th warehouse renovation he&eve have created as lovers of collaboration and inspiring social spaces.


The couple Henrik Ender & Erin Veronica Ender (he&eve) share a passion for experimentation in space. Over the last 2 decades they have defined a community of creatives leading in industries such as architecture, photography, music, architecture, landscape architecture, web design, ethical branding and most recently dance!


With social, cultural and environmental sustainability values leading the studio design, we built as much of the studio as possible ourselves (we hired plumbers, chippies and sparkies of course!). It is our family home we share with 50 long term tenants and a dance community. Our creek-facing ‘backyard’ is a tiramisu of 1980s landfill (as was the colonial norm around creeks in the era) that we have regenerated poison-free and planted over 5000 natives to support local flora and fauna.


Henrik’s technical skill in architecture together with a creative/responsible desire for environmental sustainable outcomes defines him as a leader. His stylish yet practical aesthetic focus has remodelled abandoned industrial spaces in Melbourne and Stuttgart (Germany) into inspiring vessels for working and living. Henrik is an accredited PassivHaus designer/ energy modeller and director of +&+Architects (


Erin has built on her original BA InDes thesis, which sought to integrate screens, architecture and audience. It is this central theme and curiosity that has driven her art practice since the early 2000s. Seeing space as a container for activities, she thrives on pulling together a diverse range of humans to co-create events, sometimes referring to the process as ‘social architecture’. SHEBANG! movement studio – at the heart of BIGBANG studio – is by design ideal for collaborative experiments with screens, performance and audience.