About BIGBANG studio

…and so, this universe began…


BIGBANG studio exploded from a group of people who share a passion for experimentation in space.


Over the last 2 decades the founders he&eve* have defined a community of creatives leading in industries such as architecture, immersive art/ lighting design, music, landscape architecture, web design, craft, education and now DANCE!!!!!


At the core of this hub is the impressive shebang! studio with a Harlequin sprung floor, 15m of mirrors and disco lighting.


*he&eve was co-founded by Erin Veronica Ender and Henrik Ender. Since establishing the collaboration in 2007, with the contributions of an extensive network of specialised artists and tradespeople, the team has created hundreds of experimental and sustainable social environments. At the heart of these environments lies our investment in social platforms/ collaborations/ social currencies.


Since completing a BA of Interior Design at RMIT Erin has built on her original thesis, which sought to integrate screens, architecture and audience. It is this central theme and curiosity that has driven her art practice for over 15 years. Seeing space as a container for activities, she thrives on luring creatives in seeking synergy.


Henrik’s technical skill in architecture together with a creative/responsible desire for environmental sustainable outcomes defines him as a leader. Added to this is his stylish yet practical aesthetic, which has rendered 4 warehouse spaces in Melbourne and Stuttgart (Germany) inspiring vessels for working and living.


The he&eve team have created a cross-disciplinary practice in film, architecture, education, art, media and sound, and created social/cultural gatherings of great creative merit.  An integral part of the success of the studio is collaborating with local talent to assist in sustaining and inspiring the community.